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The Lumiphonic Creature Choir can be staged as a giant multimedia rock opera involving music, cutting-edge projections, puppetry and interactive technology.

It has been in development for the last 8 years and is now ready for staging in 2019!

Hither and Thither - A sneak peek from the new multimedia rock opera (2019)

This project was supported by

the NSW Government through Create NSW.


During the performance, the Creatures come alive and begin to sing. They develop their own distinct personalities and artificial intelligence... and then take over the show! 

Image by Nicola Bailey

The Lumiphonic Creature Choir rock opera is now ready for staging in 2019. Previously it has been shown in acclaimed showcases around the world, including at:

• TEDxSydney, 2018
• Immersive Gallery NY, 2016
• New York Hall of Science, 2015
• Burning Man, 2015

• The Red Door, New York, 2015
• MCA, Sydney, 2014

• SXSW, USA, 2014

• Unicorn Meat, Brooklyn, 2013

• World Maker Faire, New York, 2012

* Cockatoo Island Festival, Australia, 2011

• Underbelly Arts Festival, Australia, 2010

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