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The Museum of Faces is a giant interactive installation based on the Lumiphonic Creature Choir where you can listen to the voices of your community,  record your own story...  and become one of the faces in the Museum!

Ready for staging in 2019!


107 Projects, Redfern sydney, 2018

TEDxBlighStreet 2018


107 Redfern

107 Redfern Street, Redfern, Sydney

Oct 3 - Oct 14, 2018

Wed- Sat, 12pm - 8pm

Sundays, 12pm - 5pm





Wednesdays: Being Human

Thursdays: The Community

Fridays: Politics

Saturdays: The Environment

Sundays: Art

Put forward your own question!

Each day at the Redfern show we will be selecting certain questions for people attending the Museum of Faces to answer.

Images from The Museum of Faces, 107 Redfern Sydney, October 2018

Approach the invention and press a glowing button to make the faces come alive and speak. Then step into a special Video Booth and watch as your own face, voice, and story become part of the ever-changing Museum!

Designed as a cutting-edge new way of recording and sharing people’s views, The Museum of Faces is an astonishing communal catalogue of the city... a surreal people's forum.

Image by Nicola Bailey


your views

Listen to the stories

Become part of the Museum of Faces!

Popular Science (US) - Overview of The Creatures at World Maker Faire New York

Image by Nicola Bailey



"Designed to record and tell the stories of the local community and beyond, this futuristic invention by Synarcade Audio-Visuals will be an astonishing communal forum  of the city at a unique moment of growth and change.


Visitors are invited to approach the work and press a glowing button to make the faces come alive and speak. Then, they can step into a special Video Capture Booth and contribute their own face, voice, and story to become part of the ever-changing Museum.


“Participants can expect a playful and truly wondrous new way to have their say and share their views on the questions that matter to them,” says Mark Bolotin, founder of Synarcade Audio-Visuals and creator of The Museum of Faces.


The Museum of Faces is based on Synarcade Audio-Visuals’ award-winning invention, The Lumiphonic Creature Choir, an eerie mechanical choir that can sing together in unison, beatbox, or recite poetry at the touch of a button. The Lumiphonic Creature Choir has performed to sell-out audiences in Melbourne, Croatia, New York, and at TEDxSydney 2018.


Inspired by the intersection of community engagement, art, technology and social research, the Museum of Faces is family-friendly and wheelchair accessible, welcoming participants from all walks of life.



Image by Nicola Bailey