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Rencontres Internationles Submission

The Museum of Faces

The Museum of Faces is a unique multimedia installation based on Bolotin's giant twelve-headed Lumiphonic Creature Choir invention. It allows participants at a festival or event to come together and record their views in a cutting-edge and highly imaginative new way that plays with the intersection of cinema and contemporary art.
First fully shown in Australia in October 2018 it is now ready for international showcasing.



“The Museum of Faces” is a large-scale interactive multimedia installation. It is based on the award-winning  Lumiphonic Creature Choir invention, a giant twelve-headed, projection-mapped sculpture that allows people from around the world to record their own stories. Participants step into a custom-designed Video Booth where they can record their views on topical and provocative issues relevant to the event. Their face is then projection–mapped onto the sculpture in real-time and triggered through a specially designed interface of twelve glowing buttons.

 At its heart, “The Museum of Faces” is a unique new interactive way for a festival to allow  people to express their views and comment on key issues in contemporary art and culture.  

For Recontres Internationales,  participants will be able to  record their own faces and stories in this very special presentation of the work. A theme question most relevant to the event can be chosen by the artist and the event organisers. In this way, the multimedia installation becomes literally a reflection of the faces and voices of the gathering.

At special designated times, the 12 Creatures can also revert to "singing mode" and perform haunting choral melodies that the lead artist has created.

The underlying invention of The Lumiphonic Creature Choir has been developed over a few years as a music performance, however the multimedia installation of The Museum of Faces was first premiered in Sydney Australia at the end of 2018 for TEDxBligh Street and at 107 Projects Redfern.


It has been designed to be incredibly tour-able – the work can easily pack down and be taken by plane, and takes only a few hours to setup.

A showing at Recontres Internationales will be a premiere of the work not only in Europe but in the Northern Hemisphere.

* Please see the rest of this website (links above) for extra info - especially The Museum of Faces section.




Bolotin creates giant hybrid creatures and interactive multimedia work that fuse together theatre, film, music, puppetry and artificial intelligence technology in unique new ways. These interactive work include  “Emergence: Build Your Own Being”  (Sydney Opera House, 2007), in which audiences came together to create their ideal human being over four giant screens and then watch it come alive, and his current work “The Lumiphonic Creature Choir” in which a giant twelve-headed creature comes alive and begins to sing.

Bolotin has also created interactive film work for the Sydney Festival (2006-2010) including the Festival First Night (2009 and 2010), Sydney Writers’ Festival, Cockatoo Island Festival and many more. He has created live interactive visuals for some of the world’s leading musical acts including Jamie Lidell (UK), Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal), Throwing Muses (US), Four Tet (UK), Shapeshifter (NZ), Grizzly Bear (US) and Entropic (Aus).

Mark Bolotin headshot.jpg

Mark Bolotin is an award-winning multimedia artist, inventor and technologist, as well as the founder of Synarcade Audio-Visuals ( and co-founder of the renown New York art technology company Hyphen Hub (


Bolotin has created multimedia work across the world including at the Sydney Opera House, New York Hall of Science, Museum of Modern Art (Zagreb), 3LD Art Technology Centre New York, Sydney Festival, SXSW (Texas), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Burning Man and the Melbourne Arts House. He was also appointed the Arts Hub Co-Director for New York City’s inaugural Creative Tech Week 2015, a giant city-wide festival that involved over 800 leading tech artists and organisations including MOMA and the Met Museum. Recently Bolotin was featured at TEDxSydney 2018 and named as a delegate to the Future Innovators Summit in Ars Elecronica (Austria).


General Shot.jpg

Museum of Faces




• Multimedia Artist, Inventor, Technologist

• Co-Founder, Hyphen Hub, New York

• Artistic Director, Synarcade Audio-Visuals

• Multimedia Tutor and Audio-Visual Coordinator




• 2001 - ongoing      Founder and Artistic Director, Synarcade Audio-Visuals

• 2016                      Co-Director, Creative Tech Week (Arts Hub), New York City

• 2014 - 2018          Co-founder, Co-Director, Hyphen Hub, New York City

• 2013                      Multimedia Producer, Remy Toledo Galleries, New York

• 2001 - 2013          Private Tutor: Multimedia, Interactive Technology and Film. Uganda, Kenya, China, Australia

• 2001 - 2010          Multimedia and Interactive Visuals Producer, Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

• 2008                      Peer Member, Assessment Board for Inter-Arts office, Australia Council of the Arts

• 2006 - 2007          Co-Producer/Artistic Director “Emergence”, Sydney Opera House

• 2002 - 2007          Multimedia Tutor, Audio-Visual Tech Assistant, Metro Screen


Selected Multimedia/Interactive Work


• 2018        Performance at TEDxBlighStreet (Australia)

• 2018        Performance at SymbioticA’s “Quite Frankly Conference on Frankenstein”, Perth

• 2018        Solo show: “The Museum of Faces”, 107 Redfern Sydney

• 2018        Delegate to the Future Innovators Summit, Ars Electronica (Austria)

• 2016        Alchemy, multi-media visuals for iconic choreographer Jennifer Muller, National Center for Performing Arts, Beijing, China. Also festivals in Tianjin and Harbin, China.

• 2016        The Museum of Faces. Solo show, Immersive Gallery, Beford Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

• 2016        Interview: the Warhol Project, multimedia dance (US/Holland) in collaboration with the Warhol Estate. Premiere:  Arnhem, Holland. Toured across Holland/Belgium.

• 2015        Honorarium Project: Burning Man 2015 (US) – The Lumiphonic Creature Choir, Nevada, USA.

• 2015        Headline performance A Night with the Creatures, The Bell House, Brooklyn, New York.

• 2015        Guest performance at the Giorgio Gomelsky Living Memorial, The Red Door, New York.

• 2015        Live Visuals for Jennifer Muller dance, New York Live Arts, New York.

• 2014        Invitation to showcase at SXSW Interactivity/Music Conference (Austin, TX, USA)

• 2013        The Lumiphonic Creature Choir support Moby at Surreal, New York. (Promoter: Unicorn Meat)

• 2013        Showcase and Salon of “The Cult/Creature Choir” at The Red Door, Chelsea, New York.

• 2013        Installation: The Creature Choir, Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), Zagreb, Croatia.

• 2013        Films on Media Façade, Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), Zagreb, Croatia.

• 2013        Multimedia Theatre Workshops, Shanghai, China

• 2012        The Lumiphonic Creature Choir showcases in New York City:

  • Union Square Park Pavilion, Manhattan, New York

  • New York Hall of Science, Maker Faire, New York

  • Casita Maria Arts and Education Center, Bronx, New York

  • Residency Unlimited church, Brooklyn, New York

  • Flux Factory, Long Island City, New York

  • Three-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center, New York

  • Winkel&Balktik Laboratory Event, Brooklyn, New York

• 2012        Broken Stone Showcase, interactive visuals, Canberra, Sydney, Kyneton, Melbourne, Sydney

• 2011        Build Your Own Being, online interactive experience:

• 2011        Vivid Showcase, Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney

• 2010        Four Elements, 360 deg dome film, ANAT Dome Lab, Perth , Australia

• 2010        The Lumiphonic Creature Choir (prototype), Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island Artist Residency Launch

• 2010        Reflections at Dusk, multimedia showcase event with artist Craig Walsh (Aus). ABoyd Education Centre, Bundanon

• 2010        Live Interactive Visuals. Bands: Grizzly Bear (US). Sydney Festival 2010

• 2009        Holographic Forms, Taipei, Taiwan

• 2009        Movers and Shakers, large-scale interactive multimedia event (Nigel Jamieson, Artistic Director). Sydney Festival 

• 2009        Interactive Audio-Visuals. Bands: Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal), Throwing Muses (US), Four Tet (UK). 

• 2008        Token’s Elephant.  new media installation, Sydney Children’s Festival, Carriageworks

• 2008        Japan Dreaming, Tokyo/Sydney

• 2008        Natural Visions, film installation. Qingdao, China

• 2008        Interactive Visuals (live),  Krafty Kuts (UK), Caribou (Canada), Kora (NZ). Sydney Festival 2008

• 2007        Emergence: Build Your Own Being, multimedia performance, Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Arts House

• 2007        The Galapagos Submergence, The Kirk, Sydney

• 2007        Interactive Visuals (live), Afra & the Incredible Beatbox Band (Kapan), Quan (Aus), Shapeshifter (NZ). Sydney Festival 

• 2006        Slam. Sydney Writer’s Festival 2006, Sydney Theatre Company

• 2006        Siesta (Gauche) launch,  Sydney Opera House

• 2006        Holoface,  Knot Gallery

• 2005        Reflections and Trains, large-scale multimedia installation, Cockatoo Island Festival

• 2004        Demophobic, interactive film event, Balmain Film Festival

• 2001        Creator’s Creation, Next Wave Digital Media Project, Melbourne


Selected Commercial Multimedia Work and Films


• 2016        Co-Director – Arts Hub, Creative Tech Week New York.

• 2016        Warhol Project, multimedia dance (US/Holland) in collaboration with the Warhol Estate. Premiere:  Arnhem, Holland

• 2014        Live visuals for Cary Nokey (Lady Gaga’s producer)

• 2011        Centenary Celebrations, interactive visual installation for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Royal Exhibition Hall

• 2010        Interactive Visuals for Volkswagen, Brisbane.

• 2009        Interactive Multimedia Installation for Panasonic Asia

• 2006        Live Visuals for Jaguar

• 2006        Trials of Flight

• 2005        Take My Hand. Music Clip (Gauche). ABC

• 2002        Land of Honey. Documentary

• 2001        Magnetic.

• 2000        Creator’s Creation


Selected Grants/Awards/Publications


• 2018        Selected as a delegate for the Future Innovators Summit, Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria)

• 2017        LMCC/New York State Council for the Arts Creative Engagement Recipient, NYC.

• 2016        Intel-Q publication on The Lumiphonic Creature Choir  project.

• 2016        Editor’s Choice (x2), World Maker Faire, New York City.

• 2015        Burning Man Honorarium project, Nevada, US.

• 2014        Published in “Light Works – Experimental Projection Mapping”, Francesco Murano, 2014. (Italy)

• 2012        Editor’s Choice, World Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science. (US)

• 2012        Creative Culture Fund recipient. (Aus)

• 2011        Australia Council for the Arts: Inter-Arts grant, Multimedia Project Development

• 2010        Underbelly Arts Festival grant (Aus)

• 2009        Arts NSW New Cross-Platform Work grant

• 2009        Australia Council for the Arts: Music Board grant, New Media Arts work

• 2008        MEGA (Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance) award: Best Concept

• 2008        Digital Visual FX Scholarship, Metro Screen..

• 2007        Sydney Opera House Work Co-Funding Scheme.

• 2007        Australia Council Inter-Arts (New Work) grant

• 2006        Best Director, Best Screenplay. Newcastle Shootout Film Festival

• 2002        Multicultural Mentor Scheme recipient, mentor: Yahoo Serious, Film and Television Office NSW.

• 2001        Best Film. Woodford Film Festival

• 1997        Sydney Morning Herald: ‘1997 Young Writer of the Year’.



• 2012        Residency Unlimited artist residency, New York City, USA.

• 2012        Motopeni Education Community, Nairobi, Kenya

• 2012        Suubi Community Centre residency, Luganda, Uganda

• 2010        Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT), Dome Lab Residency, Perth

• 2010        Arthur Boyd Bundanon Artist Residency, Shoalhaven

• 2010        Legs on Wall development residency, Lilyfield

• 2009        Artspace Residency, Sydney

• 2009        BigCi Residency, Bilpin, NSW

• 2006        AFTRS LAMP Multimedia Development Residency, Milsons Island

Selected Reviews


“Synarcade (Mark Bolotin) is no doubt experimenting with technology and successfully integrates aspects of VJ culture into their multimedia productions. What is quite unique however is that their style and concept opens it up to a different audience, who are not standard theatre audiences or those that would necessarily engage in hybrid arts practices. It is incredibly accessible …." Virginia Hyam, Studio Executive Producer, Sydney Opera House


"This form of innovation that both draws upon research into the experience of everyday life and yet retains the immediacy and openness of live performance should be recognized as at the forefront of contemporary artistic practice today.” Dr.Charles Merewether, Artistic Director & Curator, 2006 Biennale of Sydney


"Emergence is a fascinating show and delivers a genuine poignancy, inspired by a profound recognition that human virtues and failings are inextricably intertwined." The Age, Melbourne


“Mark’s creative work is at the very cutting edge of interactive arts practice at the moment and what I find particularly exciting is his pioneering creation of unique technology for each of his multimedia projects.” Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory


"It is hard to do justice to just how successful Synarcade have been in merging the trappings of technology with the concerns of a theatrical experience." Spark

“The technological delight that is the [Lumiphonic Creature] choir is like nothing Australia may have seen locally.  A work of this calibre is more commonly seen offshore where experimentation across mediums is encouraged and more commonplace.  It would be my great pleasure to see this work grow as it challenges medium, perception and interaction through performance and visuals that is unique unto itself.” . Annie Laerkesen, Director, Artists Residency Program, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Australia.


" a unique and groundbreaking artistic and cultural phenomenon.” Metro Screen


"Emergence takes audience interactivity to a brave new level" Drum Media


“Compelling” Canberra Times


“[Emergence is]... an explosive performance of curiosity, science and in-depth thought about what the ‘perfect’ human could possibly be.....” Carved Media Empire

“Astounding” Generation Q


"Meddling with genes raises plenty of issues for lawyers, doctors and radio shock jocks to argue about, but Emergence turns this ethical minefield into an interactive multimedia performance involving film, theatre and music" Sydney Morning Herald


 “Certainly I found it a most stimulating exploratory performance experience with thought provoking interactivity built into the concept….I found the gentle humour and quietly challenging propositions very refreshing.” Tamara Winikoff. Executive Director, NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts)

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