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I want to create post-post-dramatic work.

Whilst having a deep love of "post-dramatic" work that is visually-dominant and often non-narrative, I believe that there can still be a place for narrative and character development to reappear in experimental theatre, as inspired by Robert Lepage’s work.


I want to break the walls down between different art-forms.

As influenced by organisations such as Manual Cinema, I want to find new ways to combine different art-forms. Yet whilst challenging the different art-forms, there is also a need to deeply understand and master the language of each. This is something I need to cultivate further in creating a truly multimedia form of theatre.


I want to create work that melds technology with the body.

As inspired by Papaioannou, I want to reimagine the way that the human body can be used in theatre. This is an area that I have not explored enough in my previous work, often focussing more on story, imagery and music. Papaioannou has revealed how playful and exciting the human body can be as an instrument of storytelling and imagery.


I want to reimagine the role of the audience.

In the 21st century, the idea of a passive audience seems archaic to me. I want to free and empower this “captive audience”, giving them new ways to experience a work through uniquely immersive environments or control the work through meaningful interactivity. There are few practitioners who achieve this at the moment.


I want to create provocative work.

Not work that necessarily embraces the major causes of the moment but work that questions and provokes what kind of humans  we can and should be. I strongly believe that theatre can be a shared way for humans to test different visions and versions of the future before we make them real in our society.

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